Champions at McLean

Jouons FC 2010's soccer team at McLean Premier Tournament

It is no small task to claim first place at McLean's well established Premier Spring Tournament. Jouons FC's 2010 boys did just that, with 4 wins throughout the weekend, 18 goals scored and 2 goals conceded, setting a record as the best defensive team in their bracket.

From the very first match, the 2010 boys displayed a collective desire to win the ball and transition quickly. With defensive midfielder Nathan Astudillo controlling the tempo, the ball was quick to find wingers Cameron Rabin and Liam Potter, who repeatedly left the opposing defenders feeling inadequate in their efforts to contain the threat.

To seal the deal on many occasions, the team looked to Steve Martinez, who always only needed one touch to control the ball prior to making the net feel an uncanny sensation of defeat.

It is often said that defense wins championships. Team captain Kian Mehta led a courageous, selfless and team-oriented line of defenders in action to guarantee each and every victory. Among them were the two youngest and most aggressive, Emmanuel Skerrett and Callum Spears. Gabriel Pinkard and newcomer William Jordan were very dynamic in offering the team a plethora of options to balance the heavy artillery up top and the tenacious defending that made it all happen.

A combination of plays often arose from the dedicated and smart goal-tending from Viraga Amen and Taofik Tchagbadao. Building from the back is essential to the way that the team distributes the ball and these two nailed it repeatedly, making it easy to find Joseph Brownlie, who understands how to beat the offsides-trap all too well.

Congratulations to the 2010's as the step into their regular Spring season as champions at Mclean and ready to fine-tune their game.

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